XRumer 7.7.35 is the most powerful soft for black-SEO.

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XRumer 7.7.35 is the most powerful soft for black-SEO.

Notapor Alexisrox » 26 Nov 2012, 08:07

XRumer 7.7.35 ELITE is the best soft for SEO!

+ automatically register profiles, edit profiles, make topics/replies on forums
+ automatically confirm links in e-mails (and auto-register email accounts for that!)
+ automatically break captchas during registering and posting (only XRumer 7.7.35 can break more than 150 types of captchas, included ReCaptcha and flash-captchas)
+ XRumer recognize and answer the antibot-questions (like "2+2=?", "What is capital of England?", etc.; ONLY XRumer 7.7.35 have answers on more than 70.000 antibot questions!)
+ this program has unique intellectual mode "Antispam": its a spesial thematic posting
+ automatically update and check proxy-lists for 100% anonymity
+ its works withs blogs and social networks
+ there are lot of articles about XRumer on recouses with high reputation: "Washington post", "WikiPedia.Org", "Sophos Labs", "Symantec"
+ monthly updates increase powerful of this software everytime, XRumer has a 7-years history

And, by the way, XRumer price will be officially increased to $650 in 5 january 2013, with new important functions.

Need more info? Just Google ;)
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